TODAY'S THE DAY! Rock The Border 2013 starts today!! Doors open at 6:00PM! Tickets are $80 at the door, and only cash will be accepted!

Rock The Border
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Rock The Border
Lloydminster's Christian Rock Music Festival
September 20-21, 2013

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We have our band schedules up! Want to see when you favourite band is playing? Hit up our Downloads page!

Volunteer Call

This is a call out to everyone who is interested in working with us to make Rock The Border happen and be huge success! We have volunteer applications available on F.A.Q. page. Check it out!

Success!!! - July 7, 2013

We at Rock The Border want to thank everyone who came out to our 2nd Annual Garage Sale! It's because of our supporters that we were able to raise much needed funds for the festival! We are so blessed to have so many of you come support us! Thank you!

Opening Band! & MORE! - June 26, 2013

Rock The Border is proud to announce Spoken as our festival's opening band! Get ready to rock out with these amazing guys from Arkansas!

Some more news: we recently teamed up with Sobey's of Lloydminster for a fantastic BBQ! And a special guest appeared... Living Faith's own Mr. MaK!

Thank you to all who showed up and bought a hotdog/hamburger/combo of the two! It really helped us out and showed the amazing support our community gives us!

Finally, next week is our garage sale! Be sure to stop on by! Check our Events page for all the details! We are also still accepting donations this Saturday (June 29, 2013), so be sure to drop us a line!

Garage Sale Update! - June 5, 2013

We have a set pickup day this year for our donations: June 29, 2013! This means if you would like to donate to our annual Super Garage Sale of Amazingness, you can just Contact Us and set up a time that day for pickup! We have a group of burly lads that are going around with a truck/trailer combo picking anything up from plates to whole furniture sets! Whatever you are willing to give! For more information on the sale side of things, check out our Events page!

Band Updates! - June 4, 2013

Rock The Border is proud to present many bands for our festival! Stay tuned to our Bands/Guests page for updates from time to time. Like our Facebook page for real time notifications and direct updates when we confirm our new bands!

Old News Article - June 3, 2013

Digging in the Rock The Border files, we found an older newspaper article that explains what we are doing quite well, including an interview with our founders! It is from last year when we brought Manafest in, but it still pertains. Here it is: Link

Want Tickets???

We have our Tickets page online! Check it for more information on purchasing!